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Location Map
This shows where we walk and meet the ravens
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Monday, 20 December 2010

Monday, Dec 20th, 2010

We didn't go out yesterday, it was too scary because I could hear the thin layer of ice on top of the fallen snow crunch when Miss Sophie went into the back garden. I have no desire to slip on ice ...

Today, I tried the conditions before taking Miss Sophie into the park - I delivered my Christmas cards to all my neighbours. It was very cold, but walking was ok - so we ventured into Llandaff Fields around 8.40 a.m. It was grey, but the walking was fine because the snow had somewhat sunk in on itself, so no more wading through ten inches of snow - it was about six inches.

We dodged a couple of dogs and I let Miss Sophie run in the toddlers' playground: no toddlers there, and it had started to snow, so I was able to shelter under one of the futuristic climbing frames.
A murder of crows had assembled in the trees.
Some came into the playground - and Miss Sophie chased them around. Sadly, once the chase is on, she just does not listen and does not come back. More work, sigh ...

Then Karen and Bas turned up, and we walked back to the car park together while the snow was coming down.

It has now been snowing for the last three hours, it is fine snow and there is the hint of a breeze from the East. One can observe this because the snow flakes are not coming down straight, but slanted.

Oh, btw - the houses in my road all sport icicles hanging from their gutters - even my house does. Some are pretty impressive, about a foot-and-a-half long, while others are a tiddly five inches ... like mine ...
This is the first time in the twenty-one years I've lived here that I've seen icicles ...

If the snow keeps coming, it'll be another lot of indoor games tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good day {Yma} - I'm pleased you were able to get out today, cold though it was, and sad to read that Miss Sophie needs more training still.
So how do you like Global Warming,eh? LOL!
I'm glad you got out, but please don't go out and about if the weather gets too bad; the forecasters on this side of the Pond say that this is the worst Winter in Great Britain in over 100years!
Bundle up, stay warm, and write about things or thoughts that enable you to stay warm and dry!!

Anonymous said...

Hello again {Yma} - just remembered that today, December 20,1955 Cardiff was named the capitol city of Wales! So it's the 55th Anniversary of that event!

yma said...

Hiya, {rw} - everybody here is far too worried about this 'global warming' to even have thought about the anniversary. No notice in the local papers ...

We're staying in today, as I write - I am making those decisions in the morning, checking out how things are.
There's no point going out because one feels one must - and then ending up in hospital with a broken limb.

Thankfully, Miss Sophie is a bit of a couch potato. Provided she gets the chance to rush out the back door and bark at whatever she fancies, a few times a day, and provided she gets the chance to exchange a few howls with me and can cuddle up on the sofa, she's happy!

Keep warm and safe!

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