Town Raven

Town Raven
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Location Map

Location Map
This shows where we walk and meet the ravens
The yellow and pink squiggly lines are two walks we take. The yellow one is the one we usually do. The squigglyness indicates how Madame visits her several important sniffing check-points!
We stop several times to feed the ravens, and you can see where they come from.

If you right-click on the image and open it in a new tab, you can then zoom in to see more details.

Friday, 28 May 2010

March 28th

Today we went to Pontcanna Fields in the morning, because I want Miss Sophie to get used to a vast open space, do what she wants while still on the long (15 yards) training lead - and coming back when I call.

It was dry and the sun was brightly shining from a clear blue sky as we left the house at 6.50 a.m. The wind was not noticeable this early in the morning, so it didn't feel quite as cold as yesterday.

Miss Sophie is doing well, and everybody remarks on how much more relaxed she is now, comapred to even three weeks ago. She greets both a new dog and old dog acquaintances quite nicely. Also, she is now fine walking along those dogs, and she even is fine when I pet those dogs. 

March 27th

We left the house at 6.50 a.m. It was dry, the sun was shining - but there was a strong wind from the NW, and it was perishingly cold yet again.
Even in the reasonably sheltered ravens field it felt like January.

Going, or rather rushing, through our usual tour around Llandaff Fields, we arrived in the ravens field. In spite of  quite a number of dogs doing their doggie things, the ravens did pick us up.

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