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Town Raven
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Location Map

Location Map
This shows where we walk and meet the ravens
The yellow and pink squiggly lines are two walks we take. The yellow one is the one we usually do. The squigglyness indicates how Madame visits her several important sniffing check-points!
We stop several times to feed the ravens, and you can see where they come from.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Feb 18th

It was just as dismal today as yesterday, with some fog thrown in for extra effect.
This morning, there were raven calls coming from Pontcanna Fields, and I heard some more, faintly, as I got into Llandaff Fields around 7.40 a.m. 

The quarry pair cawed and flew in, to sit on the fence posts of the enclosure in the top part of the big field as soon as I approached. As I threw them their scraps, loud cawing came from the sycamore next to the spinney: one raven had observed what I was doing and it sounded as if he protested at being left out. 

He came to the ground, his companion following - it was my bold raven! He walked up to me, got his scraps, pushed his companion off the scrap I threw to her, flew off to hide his loot, and came back again.

Meanwhile, the quarry pair had retreated back to where they came from. They don't seem to like mixing with the bold pair in the absence of the young pair.

Then Bas came hurtling up to me, and generally rushing about. The bold raven kept a wary eye on him but did not abandon his scraps. In the drizzle I saw that he had erected the feathers on his neck and shoulders - slightly, but well visible when he walked away from me. 

As his companion was not so keen on being in the vicinity of a big black Bas, she and the bold raven flew off, leaving me, Bas and Karen to walk back in the rain, on the muddy playing fields.

More rain tomorrow ... or sleet ...

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