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Location Map

Location Map
This shows where we walk and meet the ravens
The yellow and pink squiggly lines are two walks we take. The yellow one is the one we usually do. The squigglyness indicates how Madame visits her several important sniffing check-points!
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Feb 10th

That investigation failed ...

It was even colder than yesterday, and there was a watery sunshine when I left the house at the much later time of 7.50 a.m. The earlier raven calls had subsided, and not one raven was to be seen until I was well into the ravens field - practically up to the enclosure.

Then, the young pair arrived - from the top end of the small arboretum, opposite the ravens field. They must have given up on me. They did feed on the scraps, with their usual behaviour, but were not interested in following me back into the big field, where I arrived at the exact time as yesterday. They did give a couple of calls, but nothing exactly jubilant or attention-seeking.

Only one of the young pair turned up eventually in the big field - and the quarry pair had split, one on the ground in the middle of the big field, not bothering to come, the other sort of joining the single raven from the young pair.
Both took some scraps, but flew off after having taken a couple of them.

Of course - not a feather to be seen of the bold pair!

So - what happened? 
It was not due to any dogs being around, nor due to school children marching across the big field.

The one reason - which I really should have remembered! - was that today the rubbish is being collected, so the streets in the area here have had their bags with food refuse out since last evening (that is the law ...)

Local cats, the urban fox living in the vicinity, and earlier this morning the seagulls have had a feast - and so did the ravens! I actually saw a couple scavenging, they flew up onto the roof tops pretty smartish as I approached, so I couldn't make out if it was one of my six, and if so, which one.

Thus - a failed investigation. 
I shall try again tomorrow, since the weather (frost, cold, dry) is predicted to remain the same.

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